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What is JavaScript?



What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language introduced in 1995 to help make web pages interactive. When creating a web page, you usually use three different technologies. The HTML page provides the structure and the web content. CSS provides style to that content, such as colors and fonts. JavaScript makes the content interactive and dynamic.

These are client-side markup and programming languages, interpreted by the browser rather than in the back-end on the web servers. They aren’t compiled like other programming languages, but rather, the browser simply knows how to interpret them.

f you think about some common things that occur when browsing the internet, JavaScript is probably involved. For example, as you begin typing a Google search, the suggested search terms become available because of JavaScript. If your web-based email is updated to show you the latest emails you have received, JavaScript is involved. Any interaction with your favorite YouTube content most likely involves JavaScript. Basically, if the web page you are viewing is doing something more than just displaying static text and images, JavaScript has something to do with it. 
But don’t confuse JavaScript with Java. JavaScript is a dynamic, portable language used to create web and mobile applications. Java is primarily used for desktop and server applications.

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