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Terms Of Use

Online Terms:

- For online studying 8 hours face to face but it is only according to BACT discretion. -SIX compulsory courses are opened for 7 days only for each course to finish it. If you need more time, we will charge AED 15 per day

- TOUK level 5 diploma in Education and Training is open for 7 months starting from the registration only to finish it. If you need more time, we will charge AED 500 per month. For online studying learner will get online live session with the instructor

Fees Terms:

- Admission fees is not refundable.

Extra charges of AED 410 for any learner needs to receive his/her TQUK qualifications certificate (Hard copy) from UK

- If the payment is partially installment the balance after first payment will be divided to monthly equal installments end at the course duration finished. -The installment should be paid on or before 5th of each month, otherwise 150 AED will be charged to each installment.

- Re assessment should be paid additionally

- Re support from the instructor should blpaid additionally

- Fees of TOUK Level 5 Diploma in Education and training access extension is 600 AED per month

If you will fail in any SIX compulsory course tests then you need to pay AED 60 to reattempt test (Note: This is just for Six Compulsory Courses) Regarding Six Compulsory Courses Certificates. You will get online Certificate, and KHDA attestation fees for each Certificate will be AED 85

The amounts paid by me are non-refundable amounts even in the absence of attendance, unless there are reasons accepted by the Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training

undertake to pay the full amount mentioned in case of interruption of attendance or any other reasons. -Any individual support session with trainer or assessor for 40 minutes will be charged AED 120.)

General Terms:

- tunderstand that the validity of registration lasts three months from the day of registration

The email of the learner is considered as a valid legal tool of notification all corresponds to it will be considered notified and received by the learner abide by the tests conducted by the Bait Aljoude Consultation and Training and understand that will not get the certificate if I did not pass the test successfully

The applicant is subject to an assessment prior to the issuance of the letter of acceptance for a non-refundable amount of AED 460.

The applicant is subject to an assessment before issuing the acceptance letter Retry fees AED 460 are non-refundable

if I wish to transport. I will inform BACT at (Transportation allowance is determined by Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training). I understand that Bat Aljouda Consultation and Training does not take responsibility in the event of success or acceptance of anyone based on the certificate and training and examinations held by Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training.

I understand that there are cameras in the bact

I understand that cannot accept the training until he passed the tribal assessment of training

I understand that the percentage of absence and attendance of training will affect the final evaluation result when obtaining the certificate

understand that part of the training can be offered or offered on-line under the supervision of trainers

Understood that:

Registration for 6 courses to develop teachers' skills is required for some other conditions 1 Submit a certified copy of a bachelor's degree from higher education

2 A letter proving the work in schools

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